Three different resources and how teachers can use them to research educational technology to facilitate student learning: 

1. Kathy Schrock Guide to Technology - Teachers could use this resource to research, evaluate, and use each level of the SAMR model to facilitate student learning (Imagine Easy Solutions, 2014).


2. CommonSense Education - Teachers could use this resource to organize and share resources with colleagues and students to facilitate student learning. It can also provide tools to help teachers manage the classroom, demonstrate learning and communication (Great Apps and Websites for Curation, 2020).


3. LearnPlatform - Teachers could use this resource to research ways to integrate traditional and digital learning, using the best fitting distinctive attributes of each to facilitate student learning (Gallagher, 2018). 



Two methods or strategies for integrating educational technology to facilitate student learning:

1. Flipped classroom - Teachers could integrate technology in a flipped classroom by teaching students to access content at home and respond in class to facilitate student learning (Osmosis from Elsevier, 2017).  


2. Blended Learning - Teachers could integrate technology in a blended learning classroom by allowing students to use whatever digital equipment works best for them or their group (i.e. projector screen, laptop, computer, etc.) to facilitate student learning (robin zingerman, 2014).