Two examples of an educational technology tool an educator can use to foster goals of self-directedness and independent student learning are:

1. IXL - This educational technology tool (website) provides an online personalized immersive learning experience for students, teachers and parents. IXL makes available online toolkits with strategies, skills, and resources.


2. Khan Academy - This educational technology tool is a homeschool curriculum resource. Khan Academy provides easy to follow and learn curriculums in the form of videos. It also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.



Two examples of assistive technology that meets individual student needs and learning in an educational setting are:

1. Text-to-speech - This form of assistive technology can help those who have physical disabilities or students with autism and have trouble communicating through speech. This technology helps them to interact with devices and digital platforms. 


2. Modified controls - This form of assistive technology such as knobs, handles, switches, or grips enable participation, independence, and assistance in completing academic and everyday tasks.

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